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I am a fix it person. I believe everything can be fixed and all problems have a solution

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  • Carpenty (Carpentry Techniques:,Blueprint Reading,Framing and Structural Work,Trim and Finish Carpentry,Cabinetmaking and Joinery,Door and Window Installation,Flooring Installation,Furniture Repair and Restoration,Cabinetry and Countertop Installation,View Details)

  • Concrete & Foundation (Concrete Mixing and Placement,Formwork Construction,Concrete Finishing,Concrete Repair and Restoration,Reinforcement Installation,Concrete Cutting and Sawing,Concrete Testing and Quality Control,Concrete Formwork Stripping,Concrete Demolition,Safety Procedures:,Blueprint Reading,Brickwork,View Details)

  • Electrician (Electrical Systems,Electrical Codes and Regulations,Blueprint Reading,Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving,Wiring and Circuitry,Electrical Equipment and Tools,Safety Procedures,Electrical Upgrades and Maintenance,Lighting Systems,View Details)

  • Handyman (Maintenance and Repair,Carpentry,Flooring,Painting and Decorating,Landscaping,Appliance Repair,View Details)

  • Mechanic (Vehicle Diagnostics,Engine Repair and Maintenance,Brake Systems,Suspension and Steering,Electrical Systems,HVAC Systems,Transmission and Drivetrain,Preventive Maintenance,Engine Performance and Tuning,Welding and Fabrication,Tools and Equipment,Safety and Compliance,View Details)

  • Moving (Residential and Commercial Moving,Furniture Assembly and Disassembly,Packing and Organization,Loading and Unloading,Heavy Lifting,Logistics and Route Planning,Equipment Operation,Safety Compliance,View Details)

  • Painting (Surface Preparation,Paint Application,Color Mixing and Matching,Paint Types and Finishes,Protective Coatings,Surface Repair and Restoration,Paint Spraying,Tools and Equipment,Surface Protection,Surface Inspection,View Details)

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