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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States







I am 20 years old I am currently in school and I really like to work with children, food, and really any job. I currently do not have my drivers license.

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  • Elderly Care (Personal Care Assistance,Medication Management,Mobility Assistance,Meal Preparation and Nutrition,Cognitive Support,Companionship and Emotional Support,Safety and Emergency Preparedness,Communication and Interpersonal Skills,Sensitivity to Aging-related Issues,Dementia and Alzheimer\'s Care,Assisting with Activities and Recreation,Documentation and Reporting,View Details)

  • House Keeper (Cleaning and Sanitizing,Organization,Attention to Detail,Time Management,Laundry and Linen Care,Knowledge of Cleaning Products and Equipment,Safety and Health,Communication,Discretion and Confidentiality,Problem Solving,Adaptability,Positive Attitude,View Details)

  • Nanny, Babysitter (Child Safety,Diapering and Dressing,Feeding,Bathing and Hygiene,Soothing and Comforting,Sleep Routine,Play and Stimulation,First Aid and Basic Health,Communication and Observation,Patience and Empathy,Organization and Time Management,Collaboration and Adaptability,View Details)

  • Tutoring (Subject Knowledge,Pedagogical Expertise,Communication Skills,Assessing and Monitoring Progress,Adaptability,Problem-Solving,Study Skills and Time Management,Motivation and Encouragement,Technology Integration,Organization and Planning,Building Rapport,View Details)

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