Jeremiah Kaylor

Kapaʻa, Hawaii, United States



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Artist. Master handyman, woodworker, cabinetmaker installer, good with computers.

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  • Carpenty (Carpentry Techniques:,Blueprint Reading,Framing and Structural Work,Trim and Finish Carpentry,Cabinetmaking and Joinery,Door and Window Installation,Flooring Installation,Furniture Repair and Restoration,Cabinetry and Countertop Installation,View Details)

  • Concrete & Foundation (Concrete Mixing and Placement,Formwork Construction,Concrete Finishing,Concrete Repair and Restoration,Reinforcement Installation,Concrete Cutting and Sawing,Concrete Testing and Quality Control,Concrete Formwork Stripping,Concrete Demolition,Safety Procedures:,Blueprint Reading,Brickwork,View Details)

  • Drywall (Drywall Installation,Drywall Finishing,Patching and Repair,Texture Application,Stud and Framing Knowledge,Surface Preparation,Tools and Equipment,Understanding Building Codes,Time Management,Attention to Detail,View Details)

  • Electrician (Electrical Systems,Electrical Codes and Regulations,Blueprint Reading,Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving,Wiring and Circuitry,Electrical Equipment and Tools,Safety Procedures,Electrical Upgrades and Maintenance,Lighting Systems,View Details)

  • Framing (Wall Framing,Roof Framing,Floor Framing,Framing Techniques and Joinery,Structural Integrity and Code Compliance,Window and Door Installation,Structural Modifications and Remodeling,Material Selection and Handling,Safety Procedures,View Details)

  • Handyman (Maintenance and Repair,Carpentry,Flooring,Painting and Decorating,Landscaping,Appliance Repair,HVAC,View Details)

  • House Keeper (Cleaning and Sanitizing,Organization,Attention to Detail,Time Management,Laundry and Linen Care,Knowledge of Cleaning Products and Equipment,Safety and Health,Communication,Discretion and Confidentiality,Problem Solving,Adaptability,Positive Attitude,View Details)

  • Masonary (Stone Masonry,Concrete Block Work,Tuckpointing,Masonry Repair and Restoration,Masonry Finishing,Masonry Cutting and Sawing,Mortar Mixing and Application,Masonry Layout and Measurement,Masonry Cleaning and Maintenance,View Details)

  • Moving (Residential and Commercial Moving,Furniture Assembly and Disassembly,Packing and Organization,Loading and Unloading,Heavy Lifting,Logistics and Route Planning,Equipment Operation,Safety Compliance,View Details)

  • Nanny, Babysitter (Child Safety,Diapering and Dressing,Feeding,Bathing and Hygiene,Soothing and Comforting,Sleep Routine,Play and Stimulation,First Aid and Basic Health,Communication and Observation,Patience and Empathy,Organization and Time Management,Collaboration and Adaptability,View Details)

  • Painting (Surface Preparation,Paint Application,Color Mixing and Matching,Paint Types and Finishes,Protective Coatings,Surface Repair and Restoration,Paint Spraying,Tools and Equipment,Surface Protection,Surface Inspection,View Details)

  • Plumbing (Plumbing Systems,Plumbing Tools and Equipment,Blueprint Reading,Problem Solving and Troubleshooting,Repair and Maintenance,Pipefitting and Soldering,Codes and Regulations,Customer Service,View Details)

  • Tile Installation (Tile Preparation,Tile Layout and Design,Tile Cutting and Shaping,Adhesive and Grout Application,Tile Installation Techniques,Waterproofing,Tile Edging and Trim,Grout Sealing and Cleaning,Knowledge of Tile Types and Materials,Tile Repair and Replacement,Attention to Detail,Safety and Cleanliness,View Details)

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